Site Updates 9/23

Hello, and welcome to the SNC Radio Newsfeed!

From here on out, all of the following will be posted here:

  • Event Listings
  • Executive Board Announcements
  • Website Changes
  • Technology Changes
  • Stream Downtime
  • Etc.

To start off the new year for SNC Radio, we have a load of good news for all of you!  For starters, the radio stream is finally up and working again.  If you are a student at St. Norbert, and interested in becoming a DJ or you would like to join the Executive Board, there is a meeting this Thursday.  More details on location and time is to come soon.

The WordPress Page has also gotten a much needed overhaul and new life.  Excluding the news feed, here are the brand new things that the readers of the blog can enjoy:

  1. Have some critiques, concerns, or ideas you want to shoot to the radio?  With the new Requests Page, you are able to send all of these straight to us.  No identification is necessary, and we will get them right away!
  2. Executives Board Page has been updated.
  3. Guide for playing the radio stream has been updated and changed
  4. All email referrals to former Radio members have been removed, and current E-Board members have been placed instead.
  5. The link and icon to the live feed found on the right hand side of the page has been changed
  6. A link to the radio page hosted on has been added to the right hand side.
  7. A link to the radio Facebook page has also been added to the right hand side.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from SNC Radio


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